Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentine Postcards to Make A Message

We can all take a lesson from Valentine's Day.

The purpose of a Valentines postcard design is to grab attention, and say what you want to say in a very convincing way.

It's really the same purpose for most postcard designs.  But at Valentine's Day, there's more on the line.

The Valentines postcard designs we highlight here are all effective for several reasons.  They all make a bold, dramatic statement visually.  They stay on message.  And they all take advantage of the medium -- the card itself -- to convey a message that is fresh, authentic, and yes, heartfelt.

The postcards designs are expressed simply, like the Valentine postcard you make yourself.  But don't try this at home, unless you're skilled with wooden type, die cutting and letterpress.

Many of these Valentines postcards are each a product of a skilled, precious craft, that we all need to preserve:

A set of Valentine postcards by b.impressed at the felt & wire shop. The XO design is printed on light pink paper with traditional letterpress.

Normally, the Post Office doesn't like odd shapes stuck onto the mail it processes.  So Danielle Goates turns her non-compliant design into a photograph, and that becomes the postcard.  Her studio is sundayHatch on Etsy.


A set of six Valentines cards from Colette at Rawart Letterpress on Etsy.  Big and bold are what postcards are all about.  And nothing is bigger and bolder than what comes from a letterpress.


Not sure how well this would hold up without an envelope, but I love the concept!:  two red hearts crocheted and applied to a postcard.  They're from Isamo Crochet on Lovely Clusters.


And if you're the kind of person who prefers live Christmas trees (so you can re-plant them later), consider the Valentines postcard designed by Anne Passo and available at lovi at merchant4 . The card becomes a small crafts project with 'some assembly required:'  the balsa pieces pop out and a heart is formed.

A set of Valentine postcards by Sarah Parrott Bianculli at the Parrot Design Studio on Etsy. The Hugs and Kisses design is printed with sheer white ink on recycled A2 chipboard. Very simple, and straight from the heart.

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