Friday, May 1, 2015

Six Healthcare Postcard Designs That Made Us Smile

Today's spotlighted postcard designs prove that health and happiness go hand-in-hand. All of our selections are from healthcare marketing, and as you'll soon see, they have a lot in common. 


This postcard by Children's Hospital Boston uses the time-tested formula of a cute kid with a big smile. Only this time, there's an added impact because the card is advertising the cleft lip and palate division of the hospital. We're actually looking at the positive results of a successful medical procedure.
Source: Brett Pollard 
postcard design for childrens hospital

Crosby created the following two cards for the Veterans Health Administration.

What's interesting about this first card is that it's targeting someone who's close to the veteran, rather than the veteran. It recognizes how important the spousal support system is for veterans. This idea is reinforced by the very photogenic and very happy couple.

Also, please note the nice big Call To Action "Every Veteran Should Enroll."  If you want to make your postcard design effective, make sure you have a Call To Action that stands out.
design for va healthcare
This second postcard also focuses on family, although in this case it's appealing more to veterans directly. They want to be there for their children. The Air Force shirt the dad's wearing is a nice subtle touch. It feels like a natural moment instead of in-your-face military advertising. It's also nice to see he's playing catch with his daughter. The military has taken many steps to ensure gender equality lately, and I can't help but wonder if they intentionally chose to show a girl doing an activity many people would have associated with boys in the past.   
postcard design for veteran health care

This postcard the Kidd Group designed for Houston Healthcare is deceptively simple. There's copy about a digital mammography, and a woman sitting in the woods. Is that it? Well no, not if we look a little closer. The woman's sitting on a brick wall, something we subconsciously associate with strength and sturdiness. She's smiling, so we know she's happy with the choice she made. And speaking of the choice, pay attention to the position of the white box and remember this is about mammography.
 Pretty clever, right?

postcard design for mammography
This postcard for Timber Dental by OMAC Advertising is fairly self-explanatory. A beautiful family with beautiful smiles, what's not to like? Like the cleft lip postcard, not only is this demonstrating happiness, it's also showing quality results. It says if you go to Timber Dental, you can have a beautiful smile too.
poscard design for dentist
Finally, we have a design for postcard magnets from magnetbyMail. It's unique from the others because it has a removable magnet that can be placed on fridges and filing cabinets. However, from a design standpoint, it's very similar to Timber Dental. So rather than focusing on the smiling family again, I'd like to point something out that's present in this card as well as quite a few of the others: Nature

If we're being honest, most people don't enjoy the dentist or doctor's office. It's an uncomfortable environment and often times the sacrifices that have to be made for the sake of sterility bring about a certain... ambiance. So it only makes sense to show the great outdoors. It's serene and peaceful. Those are pretty good qualities to associate with dentistry.
postcard marketing for dentist


Do you have examples of a great postcard design?  We'd like to see them!  Simply use the Comments feature of this blog and let us know a little about your project -- we'll respond with how to send your images to us. Thank you!


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