Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stock Postcard Design Templates

A breath of fresh air has made its way to the land of stock postcard templates.  Just take a look at the consistently good designs offered by the folks at Inkd.

At Inkd, there are dozens of designs from which to choose, in a wide range of themes.  No longer are you limited to second-rate themes that appear a bit corny or trite.

Best of all, the design work is very good.

Michelle Tippett' s Capital Investments Corporate Postcard at Inkd:

The Inkd Team's Dry Cleaners Postcard Template:

Nino's  Plumbing Service Postcard  at Inkd:

Jalene Hernandez' s Cheery Home Cleaning Postcard  at Inkd:

aarongrieve19's Playful Culinary Services Postcard Template  at Inkd:

Jenna Ebanks'  Kayak Rental Postcard Template  at Inkd:

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