Friday, June 22, 2012

Good Design to Kickstart the Economy

It all starts here, with a blank sheet and an idea.

Good design helps engage the reader. It should not only get the attention of their mind, but it should help involve them emotionally.

A good design has the power to do great things.  It can draw attention to important issues, promote a point of view, recruit people to promote change, and yes, can help get an economy rolling again.

That's what went through my mind when I came across designer Jacqueline Rivera's recent postcard design to promote green jobs for the California Construction Academy.

It also made me think that the path to a vibrant economy starts with fresh thinking and thousands of micro projects like this.   I 'd like to thank Jacqueline for letting me see that.

Here's the postcard design from Jacqueline Rivera for the California Construction Academy at UCLA:

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