Monday, March 26, 2012

Farmers Market Postcard Designs

If you want to see the ultimate grassroots marketing in action, look at your local farmers market postcard campaign.

Postcards make a lot of sense for these organizations since they're affordable, they reach a targeted audience and yes, they can convey a concise message through a well-crafted design.

There are plenty of Farmers Market postcard designs out there.  The ones I'm drawn to are those that convey the excitement of the outdoor market, show the diversity of fresh produce and local foods, and remind me of the joys of participating in a community outing.

Here are some of the best Farmers Market postcards I've recently come upon:

Carrboro Farmers' Market (design by Courtney Smith):

Farmers Market Postcard design
Postcard Magnets (that's a postcard with a magnet attached)
sampler from

postcard mailer for farmers market

The classic 'wish you were here' look
Sprouts Farmers Market (Eastlake):
Farmers Market Postcard design for Sprouts Eastlake

Vintage look for Omaha Farmers Market (design by Nicholas Burroughs):

Farmers Market Postcard design for Omaha

The wonders of color from the Village of Richfield, Ohio:

Farmers Market Postcard design for Richfield Village

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